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Pop-Up-Event in Palma

Thank you Mallorca Magazin for this great article about my exposition at Missio 13 in Palma at 2. June 2018.

Pop-Up-Event in Palma

Dear friends,
we love to invite you for the first pop-up event #’MISSIO13 in the old town of Palma. You will see new sculptures and photography from Roman Kuhn and me and other exiting brands and ideas from Mallorca and beyond. Come and meet with us…
Friday 16:00-21:00 and Saturday 11:00-18:00, Calle Missio 13

The feet of Lujuria

I just love feet. They are a completely underestimated body part. Feet are so tiny, carry such a big weight for a life-time and still stay so sensitive. Sometimes feet are even beautiful. Very beautiful in its fine details. These are the feet of my new marble sculpture Lujuria (Spanish, means “Lust”) LUJURIA. I worked quite a while on them. In the end I even used dentist drills. UHHH


AMOR, my new sculptor (Anrichter Sandstone with Horn) is finished. It shows a loving couple, holding and melting into each other full of trust, love and protection.

An article in MYSELF magazine

Thank you MYSELF for this wonderful article about me, being a sculptress and as well working as a model. Yes, sculpturing eats my body. Don’t look at the inside of my hands. They are rough and feel like sand-paper and sometimes at night every bone in my body aches, BUT at the same moment my head and soul feel free, light and satisfied. So why should I care about some aches and blisters…..I`m grateful, that I can do what I love most.  Get dirty, work hard and be creative till I sink back into Mother Earth.

A heart beats in a wonderful garden

A marble heart is beating for Johanna and Cid Kiefer. This amazing couple is in real love with art and the people who create it.

A couple in love

Aren’t we all searching for love? Isn’t this our strongest urge and motor in life? Everything is nothing without love. I’m trying to free a loving couple trustfully holding each other out of this Anröchter Sandstone. It is a very special stone. It has a bit bronze  and greenish tone in it.

New Home for ``IXTL``, Sandstone

My sculpture IXTL found a new home. IXTL is 36 cm high and lives now with Eva and Anders Lindberg from Sweden. A lovely couple, who has a big passion for art.

Starting my first sculpture in Mallorca

My dream always was to have a work space combined with an exposition place. Workshop and gallery. Here it is! Atelier Treinta Y Tres  has both. In the little patio, in the back of the gallery,  my stones live. They only wait to be shaped into something new. Here I’m starting with a new sculpture. It is a Sandstone bloc. I have a vague idea, what it will be, but I never really make plans. For me the act of sculpturing means to get into a flow, to be open for what happens during the process and listen to what the stone wants to be. So will see….Every stone is an adventure and this is the number 1 stone I’m working on in Mallorca….This is very special to me. It is the beginning of my stone-age on the island.

The hottest day of the year - Vernissage 7.7.17

I’m sure, it was THE hottest day of the summer, when we launched our first Vernissage “Liquify” at our ATELIER TREINTA Y TRES, in Santa Catalina, Palmas Design District. Sculptures and photography united in one event. Roman and me want to thank all our friends and guests for celebrating with us. And what surprise ;-), it not only was Vernissage day, it also was Romans birthday. Happy birthday Cowboy!!!

Vernissage 7.7.17

The invitation for our first Vernissage at 7.7.2017 in our ATELIER TREINTA Y TRES, in Santa Catalina, Palmas Design District. Photographer Roman Kuhn is presenting his new series of photos dedicated to the theme “liquify”. I’m presenting my sculptures, showing how forms can “liquify” into something new, slightly change shape, be a little bit off the normal view.





Finally, in February 2017, we proudly opened the doors of our ATELIER TREINTA Y TRES, in Santa Catalina, Palmas Design District.






All my sculptures arrived safely in one piece, thanks to wrapper-king Roman. I’m so relieved and happy! So much sweat and work is in them. Soon, each sculpture will sit on a column in its new home in Atelier TREINTA Y TRES, Calle Cotoner 33, Santa Catalina, Palmas new Design District.





I’m so excited…Roman carefully wrapped 12 of my sculptures on a palette and sent them on the long journey from my atelier in Munich to Palma. A travel on a truck and then on a ship from Barcelona to Mallorca. Today they arrived at our ATELIER TREINTA Y TRES in Calle Cotoner 33 in Santa Catalina. I hope they are all still in one piece…..will see…. :-O







On this construction area, Roman and me are working on our dream. Soon, the former Bar Garlic, will turn into our first own Atelier and Gallery. A place to work and show our work. Fine Art and Sculptures united in the ATELIER TREINTA Y TRES in Santa Catalina, Palmas new Design District. But till then, it still is a lot of scrubbing walls, isolating, painting and moving loads of dirt. By the way, good training for a sculptress ;-).